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Acadia University to host 28th Annual Huggins Science Seminar

October 11, 2006

(Wolfville, NS) - Acadia University will host the 28th Annual Huggins
Science Seminar, Wednesday, October 18th, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. in the auditorium
of the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre. This year’s distinguished
speaker is Dr. Walter Willett, an expert in the field of Nutritional

Dr. Willett’s lecture is entitled, "Diet and Health: A Progress Report." He
will discuss the focus of nutritional advice given by the USDA Food Guide
Pyramid to reduce total fat intake and consume large amounts of
carbohydrate, despite advice being inconsistent with evidence that
unsaturated fats have beneficial metabolic effects and reduce the risk of
coronary heart disease. He will also examine more recent evidence which
indicates the large majority of carbohydrates in the North American diet,
consisting of refined starches and sugars, have adverse metabolic effects
and increase risks of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

A professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition, Chairman of the Department of
Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, and Professor of Medicine at
Harvard Medical School, Dr. Willett is internationally renowned. Dr. Willett
has focused much of his work over the last 25 years on the development of
methods to study the effects of diet on the occurrence of major diseases. An
author of over 1,000 research papers, Dr. Willett is the most cited
nutritionist internationally and is among the five most cited persons in all
fields of clinical science. He is also the recipient of many national and
international awards for his research.


For more information contact:
Amy James

Faculty of Pure & Applied Science
Acadia University
P: 902.585.1904



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