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But Atlantic Canada needs to do more

October 13, 2006

Atlantic Canada
needs to look at other cities in the country in order to find ways to
attract and retain more immigrants, said Dr. Jeffrey Reitz.

Dr. Reitz, who is a professor of Ethnic, Immigration and Pluralism Studies
at the University of Toronto, gave a lecture in the Scotiabank Conference
Theatre early this morning, which was entitled, "Immigration for
Nation-Building in Regions and Cities."

"Atlantic Canada needs to look at Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and
Vancouver," he told the audience during his talk.

"These cities are the ones that are successfully luring in immigrants which
is a real benefit to their economies," he said.

Well over 100 people attended his lecture which was over an hour in length.

The event was sponsored by the Atlantic Metropolis Centre, Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency (ACOA), and Saint Mary’s University.

"The success of regions such as Atlantic Canada will depend not only on
attracting and retaining skilled immigrants, but also ensuring that
immigrant skills are effectively utilized," he said.

Those in attendance were impressed with his talk.

Over years, his research has examined immigration, race and ethnic relations
from a comparative perspective focusing on Canada, the United States,
Britain, Australia, and Germany. His books include Warmth of the Welcome:
The Social Causes of Economic Success for Immigrant in Different Nations and
Cities (1998) and The Illusion of Difference: Realities of Ethnicity in
Canada and the United States (1994).

Saint Mary's University is known for its community outreach projects, both
in Canada and around the world. Saint Mary's, founded in 1802, is home to
one of Canada's leading business schools, a Science Faculty widely known for
its cutting-edge research, a comprehensive and innovative Arts Faculty and a
vibrant Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.


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