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October 16, 2006

title Professor Emeritus is an honour that is conferred by the Board of
Governors after retirement on individuals who have rendered distinguished
service to the university and who have significant records in teaching,
research, and scholarship. At the Fall 2006 Convocation, three individuals
will be given this honour: Cameron Harvey, James Jamieson and Alexander

Cameron Harvey, Professor Emeritus

Over three decades, Prof. Harvey has taught generations of Manitoba lawyers
and published articles on such diverse topics as agency, conflicts, personal
property, wills and estates, real estate law, and Manitoba’s legal heritage.
His name carries authority as an academic lawyer who masters the law’s
minutiae and respects the consequences of legal decisions. Outside the
university, he is esteemed for fairness and thoroughness, having written and
chaired more than 240 judgments for the Manitoba Land Value Appraisal
Commission, served as a member of the Local Boundaries Commission and the
Civic Service Board of Manitoba, and chair of several Canadian Bar
Association sections. He was recently appointed president of the Manitoba
Law Reform Commission.

October 19 Session

James C. Jamieson, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Jamieson has had a distinguished career at the university since his
appointment to the department of chemistry in 1968. He has served as head of
the department, dean of the Faculty of Science, and as a member of the
university Board of Governors and Senate. He is a researcher in biochemistry
and cell biology where his studies on the structure and biosynthesis of
mammalian glycoproteins have led to more than 75 papers in peer reviewed
journals. His ability to apply basic research to medicine and industrial
biotechnology was demonstrated by the role he played with the Winnipeg Rh
Fractionation Laboratory (now Cangene Ltd.) in immune globulin fractionation
for the treatment of erythoblastosis fetalis. He was appointed Dean Emeritus
of Science in 2005.

October 19 Session

Alexander Rattray, Professor Emeritus

Prof. Rattray joined the Faculty of Architecture in 1969 to establish
Canada’s first master’s program in landscape architecture. He served as its
head for 25 years and was involved in numerous campus committees at all
levels of governance. His research included the study of urban and rural
settlement patterns in Australia, Canada, and China; resource analysis and
landscape planning, and a focused study and exhibit of Pietro Porcinai, an
Italian landscape architect. Outside the university, he has served as
president of the Canadian and Manitoba associations of landscape architects,
chaired the National Capitol Commission in Ottawa, and was an advisor to the
International Federation of Landscape Architects.

October 19 Session

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