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Kimura claims Kistler prize

October 17, 2006


Doreen Kimura, 206.291.3356
Marianne Meadahl/Julie Ovenell-Carter, PAMR, 604-291-4323

October 17, 2006

Sex and Cognition author claims prestigious Kistler Prize

SFU psychologist Doreen Kimura, a world expert on sex differences in the
brain and author of Sex and Cognition, is the 2006 recipient of the
Foundation for the Future’s prestigious Kistler Prize.

The $100,000 prize, which will be presented at an Oct. 22 ceremony in
Bellevue, Washington, recognizes her significant contribution to the
knowledge and understanding of the relationship between the human genome and

The Kistler Prize is unique among major scholarly prizes because it honours
courageous dedication to scientific research in the face of criticism and
opposition. As the foundation’s deputy director of programs, Sesh Velamoor
notes: "Dr. Kimura has steadfastly continued her research into the
differences in male and female brain processing despite often loud offence
taken in a society that prefers to claim equality and deny the actuality of

Kimura’s research focuses on the biological influences on human cognitive
and motor skills—most notably the relationship between sex and cognition. A
leading researcher for more than 30 years in the field of neuropsychology
and sex differences, she studies the relationship of levels of sex hormones
to cognitive patterns in men and women.

Kimura’s 1999 book Sex and Cognition examines known sex differences in
cognitive and motor skills, a possible evolutionary framework, and the
probable hormonal bases for some of the differences.

Doreen Kimura’s web page:



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