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Source: Trinity Western University

Joyful inauguration ceremony marks a new era for Trinity Western University.

October 19, 2006

Langley BC
The triumphant music of Beethoven's "Joyful, joyful", sung by the one
hundred voice Trinity Western Choir and accompanied by the 35-member Cariboo
Hill Temple Band of The Salvation Army, rang out loud and clear on Saturday
afternoon October 14th as Dr. Jonathan S. Raymond, Trinity Western
University's third president, was inaugurated.

The stage of Chandos Pattison Auditorium, draped in green and black velvet
and adorned with fifty white potted mums and other festive floral
arrangements, was the perfect setting for the elaborate ceremony that
included a regal procession with over one hundred faculty in traditional
academic colors, triumphant music and vibrant speakers highlighting the
university's four decades of academic vitality.

Many provincial politicians extended their greetings and welcomed the new
president including The Honourable Mary Polak, MLA, The Honourable Kurt
Alberts, Mayor of the Langley Township, and The Honourable Peter Fassbender,
Mayor of Langley City.

Cloaked in blue, his academic colours from the University of Kentucky, the
gentle but commanding president knelt with his wife before the audience and
accepted his presidential medallion signifying his official inauguration.
When applause thundered, the new president responded graciously by pointing

Dr. Paul Rader, Past President of Asbury College, Past International Leader
of The Salvation Army, and long time friend of Dr. Raymond, gave the
Inaugural Challenge address. President Raymond then took to the podium for
his Inauguration Response. He expressed his gratitude toward those who had
grounded the University's forty-four year history in Jesus Christ, whom he
described as "the still point of the universe," before quoting John Wesley's
"the best is yet to come."

President Raymond invited former presidents Dr. Calvin B. Hanson and Dr. R.
Neil Snider to the podium to announce their new titles of President
Emeritus, in honour of outstanding commitment and service to the University.
In closing, the Trinity Western University choir, accompanied again by the
Salvation Army band, performed with gusto a hymn chosen by President
Raymond, entitled "I'll Go in the Strength of the Lord" written by Edward
Turney (1816-1872). The first verse reads:

I'll go in the strength of the Lord
In paths he has marked for my feet;
I'll follow the light of his word,
Nor shrink from the dangers I meet.
His presence my steps shall attend,
His fullness my wants shall supply;
On him, till my journey shall end,
My unwavering faith shall rely.

The elaborate and joyful ceremony marks a new era for the University and the
end of a busy and celebratory inauguration week. Says President Raymond,
"The week was a wonderful time of celebration looking forward to a very
promising future."
Erin Mussolum
Senior Media Relations Specialist
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Fax: 604-513-2061



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