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Sinbad Richardson

October 19, 2006

Film maker

"My work is strictly film auteure, and in my videos I reveal myself as a
person dealing with becoming and also the banalities of the everyday. In How
I Began Life-ing I discuss important changes in my life and how they have
affected my outlook and direction, more specifically I discuss my drive
towards cinema and expose the fragility of the dream. In this video I use
rotoscoping, which is essentially video tracing, to give the feel of natural
movement without losing the touch of line animation. The new cinema for me,
is one that is appropriated by the individual, an individual who uses
whatever tools are available to best tell their personal stories their own
way, this is what I have done."

Tanya Churchmuch
Senior Media Relations Advisor
Concordia University
Phone: (514) 848-2424, ext. 2518
Cell: (514) 518-3336
Fax: (514) 848-3383



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