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New Satellite Centre Unique in North America

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October 27, 2005

Source: University of Lethbridge:

New Satellite Centre Unique in North America

A new satellite ground station at the University of Lethbridge got a $1.2 million boost on October 27 from the Government of Alberta to help purchase scientific equipment for the centre.

The Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre is unique in North America, as the primary receiving and distribution station for, images taken through a special satellite technology, called SPOT.

Images collected by SPOT satellites have a higher resolution and can provide better information about changes taking place on the land below, making it a useful decision-making tool in areas as diverse as emergency response, energy pipeline monitoring, pine beetle containment and watershed research.

"The new satellite centre is truly an Alberta success story," said Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, who made the announcement in Lethbridge on Thursday, October 27.

"Not only will the centre put Alberta front and centre in international circles, the work done here will help further Albertansí interests in areas such as agriculture and water mater management and sustainable resource development."

The industry partner in the centre, Lethbridge, Alberta-based Iunctus Geomatics Corp. successfully bid for the North American rights to SPOT satellite imagery and is the exclusive provider of this data to Canadian clients.

"It is with great excitement that we launch the Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre," said Ryan Johnson, president of Iunctus Geomatics Corporation. "This Centre is a great example of how the provincial government, the university and small business can work together to create a research centre that offers new opportunities and economic benefits for the region through the commercialization of terrestrial imaging."

"This satellite ground station will foster new discoveries and innovation in existing and emerging economies, and will have significant economic and quality of life impacts for Alberta and Canada," said Terry Royer, Chair of the Board of Governors for the University of Lethbridge. "The success of this project will directly impact goals established by the government of Alberta and the University of Lethbridge."

The Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre will be housed in the recently announced Water and Environmental Science Building at the University of Lethbridge.

In addition to the $1.2 million invested in the Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre, the Alberta government has invested $12 million in the Water and Environmental Science Building. Other financial support for the Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre comes from Iunctus Geomatics Corporation and the University of Lethbridge.

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