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Schulich researcher part of group that claims top Cuban scientific honour
University of Calgary | March 22, 2006
Schulich School of Engineering Vice-Dean, Dr. Robert Day, is part of a group that was recently awarded the Premio Nacional CITMA 2005 by the Cuban Ministry of Science....[continue]

UBC Gains $5 Million for Hi-tech Oral Health Centre
University of British Columbia | March 9, 2006
A $5-million gift from a world leader in esthetic dental products to the University of British Columbia's Faculty of Dentistry will be recognized with the naming of a new oral health facility....[continue]

Former city councillor heads SFU city program
Simon Fraser University | December 14, 2005
Gordon Price, former Vancouver City councillor, bike (and public transportation) advocate, adjunct professor (UBC school of community and regional planning) and lecturer on transportation and land use in Portland, Oregon, is the new director of SFU continuing studies' City Program...[continue]

Internationally acclaimed chef launches new cookbook at Malaspina
Malaspina University College | November 7, 2005
Here's your chance to taste some culinary creations prepared by an internationally award-winning chef....[continue]



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