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Dr. Margaret Doody to be Writer-in-Residence
University of Prince Edward Island | June 16, 2006
Canadian scholar and author, Dr. Margaret Doody, is the University of Prince Edward Island's Writer-in-Residence for 2006....[continue]

Flags, food and fun kick off York University Multicultural Week
York University | January 26, 2006
Hundreds of colorful flags will be waving, feet will be dancing and the aroma of delicious foods from around the globe will be wafting over the campus as York University students celebrate the fourth annual Multicultural Week....[continue]

The world comes to Brock University
Brock University | November 10, 2005
Brock University student Rachelle Demetriades knew her life had changed forever when she observed children picking through the garbage in a Peruvian slum....[continue]

Ralph Gustafson Poetry Chair 2005: Don Domanski visits Malaspina
Malaspina University College | September 27, 2005
Canadian poet Don Domanski, Malaspina University-College's distinguished Ralph Gustafson Poet for 2005, will present a free public lecture and poetry reading titled "The Poetry of the Sacred" at Malaspina's Nanaimo campus on Thursday, October 20 at 7:30 pm....[continue]



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