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Carleton University Designated an EU Centre of Excellence
Carleton University | September 12, 2006
Carleton University has been designated as an European Union (EU) Centre of Excellence by the European Commission....[continue]

Are working conditions improving for nurses in Atlantic Canada?
Acadia University | August 31, 2006
C: 902.670.8966...[continue]

Globalization through a cultural lens
McMaster University | August 8, 2006
On July 3, in Budapest, Hungary more than 400 international graduate students and junior faculty from 67 countries gathered at the Central European University (CEU) to open the 2006 Summer University (SUN) program. Of those students, 25 attended the CEU program specifically to study under Szeman, McMaster's former director the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition, and explore those very questions....[continue]

Five Varsity Blues athletes represent Canada
University of Toronto | July 6, 2006
Quintet is competing in the Dominican Republic...[continue]

The Power of Play comes to Brock
Brock University | April 26, 2006
The Association for the Study of Play (TASP) will host their 32nd Annual Meeting at Brock University, from Wednesday, May 17 to Saturday, May 20....[continue]

York/Sheridan design student in Italy to represent Canada in glass design competition
York University | April 5, 2006
Nelson Cheng, a second-year student, is enjoying the ultimate martini cocktail experience....[continue]

Fiona Aiston receives first Outstanding Women of Laurier award
Wilfrid Laurier University | March 23, 2006
A student-athlete who balances varsity hockey, a demanding academic schedule and community service has been named the first outstanding woman of Laurier....[continue]

Laurier reveals three Outstanding Women of Laurier nominees
Wilfrid Laurier University | March 13, 2006
Wilfrid Laurier University has selected three finalists for the newly created Outstanding Women of Laurier Award....[continue]

International Women’s Day speaker looks at feminism and war, March 8
Mount Allison University | March 2, 2006
Dr. Cynthia Enloe, this year’s International Women’s Day Speaker at Mount Allison University will present a lecture on Wednesday, March 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the Crabtree Auditorium entitled "Turning on Our Feminist Curiosities to Make Sense of War."...[continue]

Beginning this term, students at Dalhousie are being charged $58 a term as a blanket fee
University of Lethbridge | January 23, 2006
The University community offers its most sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the late Grazyna Gorny....[continue]

Inaugural Film and Arts Appreciation Week at Trent University January 23 - 27
Trent University | January 20, 2006
The Trent International Students Association (TISA) has announced that the inaugural Film and Arts Appreciation Week, a free public event designed to showcase cinematic representations of different regions around the world, will begin on January 23 and run through to January 27 at various locations around the main campus....[continue]

York breaks down barriers for internationally educated nurses
York University | January 3, 2006
Nurses arriving in Canada as immigrants would normally have to go about the lengthy, costly and frustrating experience of starting their education from scratch – but a unique program at York University has recently opened its doors to bridge this gap....[continue]

Holiday Tips, Advice From U of G Faculty, Staff
University of Guelph | December 9, 2005
With the holiday season upon us, University of Guelph faculty and staff have some tips and advice on giving pets as gifts, food safety and wine selection, and seasonal sensitivities....[continue]

U of S Ag Economists Say WTO Ag Agreement Will Hurt Canadian Producers
University of Saskatchewan | November 30, 2005
University of Saskatchewan agricultural economists Richard Gray and Hartley Furtan say two proposals scheduled for review at the World Trade Organization's sixth ministerial conference in December are damaging to Canadian agricultural producers....[continue]

Iran could be next, York prof warns
York University | November 21, 2005
In the wake of the suicide bombings in Jordan, there are signs that Iran could be next on al-Qaeda’s list, despite being a Muslim and largely anti-American country, says Dr. Michael Dartnell, a visiting professor of Political Science at York University....[continue]

Book now for Malaspina’s 2006 Art Tour of Europe
Malaspina University College | October 24, 2005
Do you dream about visiting the vineyards of France or touring ancient Greek temples and palaces?...[continue]

Queen's responds to Hurricane Katrina disaster
Queen's University | September 12, 2005
The faculty, staff and students of Queen's University have been moved by recent events in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast, and join with their peers and colleagues at other institutions across the continent in wishing to be of help to victims of Hurricane Katrina....[continue]



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