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Research in Addiction Studies in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Addiction Studies.

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Addiction Studies Research Areas and Disciplines

A lot of addictions research focuses on understanding, assessing, and treating addictive behaviors, so as to improve programs and treatment strategies. Researchers are currently studying the pharmacological and psychosocial models in animals, human laboratories, and in clinical trials. They are also studying the effects of mental health and physical disorders on the vulnerability and final outcomes in addicted individuals.

An important area of addictions research is on pregnant women who are dependent on various substances such as tobacco, heroin, or alcohol. Researchers are studying the effects of prenatal substance abuse on the fetus, and how these effects can be mitigated. These people are often working in collaboration with those in pharmacy, gynecology, and toxicology. See the article on substance abuse counseling for more information.

Other research projects are attempting to improve the understanding of the characteristics of problem gambling, with a particular focus on the dysfunctional thought process common to pathological gamblers. Researchers are developing and evaluating new treatment protocols, as well as programs and resources to prevent the onset of problem gambling. A particular emphasis is on electronic forms of gambling and how this format is conducive to contributing to fueling addictions.

Study and Work in Addiction Studies in Canada

Study Addiction Studies in Canada
What is Addiction Studies? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Addiction Studies degrees.

Addiction Studies Admission Requirements
The prerequisites required to become accepted to an undergraduate program in Addiction Studies.

Graduate Addiction Studies Admission Requirements
The prerequisites required to become accepted to a graduate and/or postgraduate PhD program in Addiction Studies.

What Addiction Studies Students Learn
Topics, subjects and concepts that are covered and overall approach or focus taken for studying Addiction Studies.

Career and Employment Opportunities in Addiction Studies
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