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Research in Automotive Engineering in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Automotive Engineering.

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Automotive Engineering Research Areas and Disciplines

Most academic research in Canada is combined with the automobile industry, as illustrated by the University of Windsor's partnership with General Motors to form the Research Chair in Tribology of Lightweight Materials. This institute focuses on understanding and improving the friction and wear behavior of lightweight materials, like aluminum, magnesium and their composites, and developing novel coatings to protect them against wear.

Other research collaborates with the aerospace industry, where the aerodynamics of air- and spacecraft are being applied to ground vehicles to improve their efficiency.

More traditional research also exists in the areas of fluid dynamics, heat transfer, chemistry of gasoline, and electrical systems integration.

There is also an emergence of research into non-traditional areas such as alternative fuels such as biofuels, electric cars, hybrids, and solar power. This research is usually in collaboration with biological, chemical, electrical, and materials engineers.

Study and Work in Automotive Engineering in Canada

Study Automotive Engineering in Canada
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