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What Communication Studies Students Learn

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Studying Communication Studies in Canada

Most communication studies majors study a wide range of topics, from film to linguistics to feminist theory, in an attempt to understand both mass media and interpersonal communications in their cultural, social, political, economic and legal contexts. Courses are drawn from various disciplines including literature, anthropology, history, political science, journalism, linguistics, art, film studies, psychology, science and technology, philosophy and sociology. Some programs focus more on analysis of the fine arts (particularly photography, graphic design, film and video), while others emphasize sociological and political influences. Still others may emphasize the influence of new technological developments such as telecommunications and the World Wide Web, or teach students the practical considerations of designing and producing their own multimedia communications. All graduates of communication studies programs learn to make sound judgments based on evidence and facts, to present arguments logically, and to communicate effectively in both written and oral form. They develop a greater appreciation for the history and scope of intellectual thought, and acquire skills in researching and critical analysis. Cooperative degrees that offer students a chance to apply their skills on the job are offered by some institutions.

Study and Work in Communication Studies in Canada

Study Communication Studies in Canada
What is Communication Studies? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Communication Studies degrees.

Communication Studies Admission Requirements
The prerequisites required to become accepted to a undergraduate program in Communication Studies.

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