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Research in Cryptography in Canada

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Cryptography Research Areas and Disciplines

Most research in cryptography concentrates on making on-line cryptosystems secure. This has applications for credit card transactions, banking, email privacy, copyright protection, and database security. Much of the theoretical work in cryptography concerns cryptographic primitives (algorithms with basic cryptographic properties) and their relationship to other cryptographic problems. More complicated cryptographic tools such as cryptosystems are then built from these basic primitives.

Researchers are developing applications-based security protocols for authentication among nodes in an ad hoc network and for authenticated key distributions or session key establishment. Practical applications include wireless networks and Internet security.

Quantum theory is also being used to improve on-line security. Quantum mechanics implies a quantifiable trade-off between the amount of information an eavesdropper extracts from a physical system and the amount of disturbance caused to the system. Thus, eavesdropping can be detected with high probability. This research is being used to create new cryptographic tasks whose security is guaranteed by quantum mechanics.

Recently, there has been considerable effort to develop formal techniques for establishing the security of cryptosystems through provable security. One line of research is into proofs that are based on general assumptions as much as possible, for instance the existence of a one-way function. A major open problem is to establish such proofs based on P ? NP, since the existence of one-way functions is not known to follow from the P ? NP conjecture. These proofs have implications for e-commerce, e-banking, and telecommunications.

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