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Research in Earthquake Engineering in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Earthquake Engineering.

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Earthquake Engineering Research Areas and Disciplines

Research can either be theoretical, involving computer and mathematical simulations, or take place in seismic labs.

Currently there is a lot of research into creating new materials that are more effective at resisting seismic stresses. This includes the development of different types of concrete and treating timber. There is also lots of research into mitigating stress on buildings through the incorporation of damping materials. This includes the development of lead rubber bearing, tuned mass dampers, hysteretic dampers, friction pendulum systems, and building elevation control.

Another research area is in earthquake construction. This includes the retrofitting of older structures so they are more resistant to earthquake damage, such as adding X-bracing to resist the lateral forces of earthquakes (and winds too).

Soil liquefaction and its effects on overlying buildings are also under investigation. Current research focuses on soil-pile and soil-structure interaction under seismic loading, seismic soil amplification and liquefaction effects, and the seismic analysis and retrofitting of water and mine waste dams.

Study and Work in Earthquake Engineering in Canada

Study Earthquake Engineering in Canada
What is Earthquake Engineering? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Earthquake Engineering degrees.

Graduate Earthquake Engineering Admission Requirements
The prerequisites required to become accepted to a graduate and/or postgraduate PhD program in Earthquake Engineering.

What Earthquake Engineering Students Learn
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Career and Employment Opportunities in Earthquake Engineering
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