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Research in Ecology in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Ecology.

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Ecology Research Areas and Disciplines

Much ecology research aims to improve ecosystems that have been harmed by human activity. For example, studies are underway to study the effects of land use on water quality in rivers and lakes, and to determine the effects of organic contaminants on fish food sources, so as to improve fish populations. Such studies can be applied to land use planning in order to prioritize the conservation of species diversity and landscapes and maintain sustainable management.

Genetic and molecular ecology studies focus on the factors that influence the evolutionary process. For example, bird species that were previously thought to be socially monogamous through conventional ecological studies have since been shown to be sexually promiscuous and prone to multiple partners, as evidenced by the genetic makeup of their offspring.

Other studies focus on the habitat, behavior and population ecology of rare or threatened species in support of their maintenance and recovery. For example, researchers are studying grizzly bears in the Rocky Mountains and marmots on Vancouver Island, with the intent of maintaining healthy wild populations.

The effects of various types of human interference on wildlife populations are also a current research topic. For example, studies are underway on the East and West Coasts to quantify the impacts of marine oil pollution on marine life. Another source of potential interference is that presented by wind turbines and low-flying aircraft. Scientists are examining whether these present issues for migrating birds, and if so, how to mitigate these problems.

Study and Work in Ecology in Canada

Study Ecology in Canada
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