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Research in Electrochemistry in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Electrochemistry.

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Electrochemistry Research Areas and Disciplines

Much electrochemical research is into designing batteries for automobiles, especially hybrids and fuel-cell cars. They are working to develop smaller and lighter batteries that will last longer and can be recycled when they have reached the end of their lifespan.

Research is being done to use alternative fuels for fuel-cell cars instead of traditional gasoline, such as various forms of alcohol. Commercial applications for fuel cells include power sources for portable electronic devices, laptop computers, and cell-phones.

Other electrochemical research focuses on reducing or controlling corrosion. New methods of manufacturing are being developed that reduce the amount of corrosion that occurs later on, through the development of new materials that resist corrosion. This includes high strength low alloy steels, copper nickel alloys, and aluminum alloys for aircraft fuselages. As well, new chemicals are being developed to control already-occurring corrosion.

Study and Work in Electrochemistry in Canada

Study Electrochemistry in Canada
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