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Research in Endodontics in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Endodontics.

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Given that many endodontic procedures are due to root or tooth infections, research continues into developing more effective medications to prevent or treat endodontic infections. For example, a new delivery method for administering medication involves the use of ethylene vinyl acetate fibers which have been impregnated with clindamycin. Other research has found that the use of propylene glycol as the delivery vehicle for traditional antibiotics can be effective at reducing tooth infection, possibly eliminating the need for root canal surgery.

Other researchers are looking at alternatives such as the use of lasers to perform root canal surgery. This has the benefit of being faster than human-performed surgery and with more precision, but studies have shown the current laser technology does not disinfect the whole tooth being worked on and may cause damage. There is also the possibility of mercury-filled teeth will release toxic vaporous mercury if treated with laser heat.

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