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Research in Engineering Physics in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Engineering Physics.

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Engineering Physics Research Areas and Disciplines

Research in EP is found in a wide variety of fields. One area is nanotechnology, where EP is being used to advance nanofabrication and applying the resultant tools and capabilities in a wide range of nanoscience and nanotechnology areas. Current projects include investigating both silicon- and carbon-based nanoelectronic systems that have the prospect of extending and augmenting the capabilities of current electronic technologies.

Nanomagnetics (nanoscaled magnetic materials) is another area of inquiry. Current research is attempting to develop new means for ultra-high-density information storage, which has implications for improving current computer software programs and the miniaturization of computer components. Research concerned with the injection and manipulation of electron spin in normal metal and semiconductor nanostructures could lead to the development of quantum computers.

EP in photonics research includes crystal structures that could allow for the development of optical "circuits" and of novel types of optical fiber that have unique capabilities not possible with current telecommunications fiber designs. The goal of this research is to increase the bandwidth of telecommunications systems.

EP investigators are engaged in a number of other optics-related efforts. These include the development of new and improved optoelectronic devices, applications of new nonlinear optical materials, and sensors for chemical sensing and biological applications.

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Study Engineering Physics in Canada
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