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Research in Equity Studies in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Equity Studies.

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Equity Studies Research Areas and Disciplines

Some people are interested in studying how human rights have evolved over human history, and study specific time periods such as the Renaissance, pre-Biblical times, or the two World Wars. Researchers are studying how various groups have attained and maintained various legal rights, eg. how women attained the right to vote in Canada, the abolition of slavery, and the rights of refugees from oppression.

Others are working to better human rights for contemporary groups in other countries. For example, some people are working to allow marginalized groups to have access to their land (eg. various tribes in Africa forced from their homes due to economic development). Others are working on bettering working conditions for laborers and those in ˘sweat shops. Still others are tacking more radical views as the rights of animals, and proposing rights for wild apes, zoo animals, pets, livestock, and other groups that people feel deserve additional protection.

A current topic in Western society of the status of terrorists, war criminals, and others who have been deemed security risks. People are asking questions about who is entitled to certain rights, and who is to do the determination. These questions are being asked in conjunction with those in political science, history, philosophy, and law.

Study and Work in Equity Studies in Canada

Study Equity Studies in Canada
What is Equity Studies? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Equity Studies degrees.

Equity Studies Admission Requirements
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What Equity Studies Students Learn
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Career and Employment Opportunities in Equity Studies
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