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Research in Evolutionary Biology in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Evolutionary Biology.

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Evolutionary Biology Research Areas and Disciplines

Evolutionary biologists study many aspects of evolution. They can use evolution to manage and recover endangered species, such as Przewalski's horse. This horse is considered the last "wild" horse breed and its genetic makeup is used to illustrate the evolution of equines and serve as a baseline for modern horse breeds.

Population biologists use evolutionary biology in an attempt to understand population fluctuations on a large scale, such as pine beetle outbreaks and fish stock collapses. By monitoring genetic drift both spatially and geographically, researchers are attempting to mitigate these fluctuations so as to reduce the loss of biodiversity and extinction rates.

Evolutionary biology can also be used to explain how natural systems recover after fires and floods, through genetic examination of the arriving species and how their populations change over time. Researchers are also examining the speciation process on geographically isolated areas such as islands, in an attempt to determine how to better manage areas after natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions that can "wipe the slate clean".

Plant biologists study the reproductive and genetic aspects of plant evolutionary biology, and use plants and plant populations as biomonitors of ecosystems. They also examine the relationship between genotypes and reproductive success, so they can better design crop planting cycles and use more hardy strains of crops to improve yield.

Study and Work in Evolutionary Biology in Canada

Study Evolutionary Biology in Canada
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What Evolutionary Biology Students Learn
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Career and Employment Opportunities in Evolutionary Biology
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