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Career Opportunities in Gerontology in Canada

Career and employment opportunities for Canadian university students graduating in Gerontology.

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Employment Resources and Professions Available to Gerontology Graduates

The increased longevity of our population as a whole means that graduates with a degree in gerontology will be in demand in years to come. They can work in the healthcare industry providing care or developing programs for the elderly, as well as coordinating information for social services and counselors. This can happen in hospitals, hospices, assisted-care facilities, community centers, as well as in clients' homes.

In the business world, those with a background in gerontology can work to develop age-related products and services for the elderly, such as mobility assistive devices, in-home care, and pharmaceuticals. Graduates can also work as consultants with business marketers to determine how to reach the older demographic and market their product more effectively. In the architectural and engineering world, graduates can serve as consultants for the design and building of facilities appropriate for the elderly, such as the inclusion of ramps, handrails, and intercoms. In the leisure and recreational world, graduates can work in the planning and marketing of travel and leisure programs for the elderly, such as cruises, tours, or recreational vehicles aimed at their demographic. Graduates can also work in a more indirect way, such as developing policies in private businesses (eg. human resources) and at the various governmental levels (eg. retirement issues and pension plans). They can also work with those in community and public health, as well as demographers and geographers, to analyze statistics of the elderly for the development of public policy.

Academically, graduates can do research in gerontology, geriatrics, social work, public health, and other related fields while teaching at the same time. They can also become teachers in continuing and mature education, where they deliver a variety of programs directed at the elderly (eg. dance, gardening, golf, theatre, etc).

A degree in gerontology can also be used for entry to programs such as nursing, rehabilitation science, and physical and occupational therapy. It can also be used for entry to other social science programs such as social work and sociology. Graduates can also enter law school (eg. elder law, fraud prevention), pharmacology (eg. drug development), and architecture (eg. elderly-design) with this background.

Study and Work in Gerontology in Canada

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