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What Industrial Engineering Students Learn

Research topics, specializations, subject areas and concepts studied in Industrial Engineering programs from universities in Canada..

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Studying Industrial Engineering in Canada

Students start off with introductory courses in physics, chemistry, economics, and statistical mathematics, and then they start to specialize. As industrial engineering can be found in all types of careers, specializations range from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science.

Students also learn about systems theory, and business ethics. They also learn about supply chain management (distribution of products, supply and demand), human factors (eg. effects of teamwork on the development of a product), corporate planning, and productivity management. Students learn how to manage a business, how human factors can affect productivity, and statistical methods to design and develop new prototype and protocols. They also learn how to make systems more efficient and eliminate waste (of time, energy, money, materials, etc.).

Generally, most students in industrial engineering will also take a directed studies course, or be involved in some type of work-related project such as that found in co-op. There they learn practical skills and can put to use the theory they've learned in the classroom.

Study and Work in Industrial Engineering in Canada

Study Industrial Engineering in Canada
What is Industrial Engineering? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Industrial Engineering degrees.

Industrial Engineering Admission Requirements
The prerequisites required to become accepted to a undergraduate program in Industrial Engineering.

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The prerequisites required to become accepted to a graduate and/or postgraduate PhD program in Industrial Engineering.

Research in Industrial Engineering
Research areas, topics, interests and projects in Industrial Engineering.

Career and Employment Opportunities in Industrial Engineering
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Industrial Engineering Programs in Canada

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