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Research in Kinesiology in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Kinesiology.

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Kinesiology Research Areas and Disciplines

Kinesiologists are working with those in the rehabilitation sciences to improve therapeutic methods for those undergoing physical therapy. For example, they are using the knowledge of the human body to design rehabilitation programs that push the limits of the human body without doing damage. This includes movement repetitions and slowly increasing physical movements of previously injured limbs.

Some researchers are focusing on the biomechanics of kinesiology with an eye to improving athlete training and conditioning. This includes developing new training methods such as incorporating computer readouts of physiological functions during practice. Others are working with those in nutritional science to develop foods that are suitable for high-energy-output athletes, such as the creation of energy bars and gels for athletes on the move.

Other kinesiologists are working in ergonomics, for example, to design more effective and comfortable offices chairs and computer desks. Also, see the article on biomechanics for more information.

Studies are also underway to study the effects of current sports equipment on the physics of human movement. For example, the effect of side slopes on foot motion and body posture and balance is being investigated for long-distance runners. Commercialization of this type of research includes the production of specific shoes for long-distance running.

Study and Work in Kinesiology in Canada

Study Kinesiology in Canada
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