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Research in Materials Chemistry in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Materials Chemistry.

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Materials Chemistry Research Areas and Disciplines

Materials chemistry can focus on the basic sciences of chemistry and physics, and on the more applied areas such as metallurgy or ceramics. Recent engineering innovations and materials creation have led to important developments in communications, information technology, transportation, clinical diagnosis and care, and energy generation.

Some current research focuses on the development of instrumentation that can operate at the absolute limits imposed by nature. For example, an instrument that would allow scientists to directly detect the spin of a single proton is currently under development. This could find application in the field of quantum measurement and also direct structure determination of complex organic molecules single atomic resolution and sensitivity.

Researchers are also synthesizing new nanoscale organic materials with novel sensory, mechanical, biological, electronic and magnetic properties. Applicable areas include the development of molecular electronic devices such as switches and smart surfaces, which can lead to novel drug-delivery systems and smart templates for the bioseparation of one molecule from another.

Study and Work in Materials Chemistry in Canada

Study Materials Chemistry in Canada
What is Materials Chemistry? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Materials Chemistry degrees.

Materials Chemistry Admission Requirements
The prerequisites required to become accepted to an undergraduate program in Materials Chemistry.

Graduate Materials Chemistry Admission Requirements
The prerequisites required to become accepted to a graduate and/or postgraduate PhD program in Materials Chemistry.

What Materials Chemistry Students Learn
Topics, subjects and concepts that are covered and overall approach or focus taken for studying Materials Chemistry.

Career and Employment Opportunities in Materials Chemistry
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