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Medical Laboratory Research Areas and Disciplines

Since MLS is largely the study of human tissues, a lot of current research is in improving the techniques used to arrive at conclusions. This includes improving culture techniques such as developing optimal culture media, developing new serological techniques, and improving threshold levels of detection.

As well, new tests for detecting and evaluating disease are being developed. This includes blood tests for Alzheimer's disease and certain types of cancer. These tests are hoped, at some point, to be part of the usual regime of blood tests that patients routinely undergo, in order to catch these diseases at an earlier stage and give a better quality of life to those affected.

In addition to purely scientific research, there is also research into improving the education of MLS. Since much depends on the accuracy and interpretation of the test results, ways to improve learning and retention skills is always important. For example, the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science is currently doing a study to determine if the training and education received by its members was adequate and where improvements could be made.

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