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What Midwifery Students Learn

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Studying Midwifery in Canada

Students studying midwifery gain an understanding of normal and complex conditions affecting pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum care of women and the newborn. Midwifery students learn to assist women through labor and birth, and in tasks such as giving injections, setting up IVs, suturing perineal tears, and conducting physical examinations of women and newborn babies.

Students learn about anatomy and physiology, gynecology, clinical chemistry, related diseases, and newborn pathology. They also learn about pharmacotherapy and drugs. Students also learn about the various social and cultural meanings of pregnancy and birth. Women's studies examine the role of women in various societies, how this has changed over the years, and future directions.

Clinical skills taught include well-woman and newborn physical assessment, monitoring fetal and maternal well-being in labor, conducting births, collection of laboratory specimens, and universal precautions. They also learn about common complications, how to deal with them, and when to involve additional medical personnel.

Midwifery curriculum includes a comprehensive practicum, where students get to apply their classroom learning. They attend births and observe midwives at work. They also assist in pre-, peri-, and post-labor activities.

Study and Work in Midwifery in Canada

Study Midwifery in Canada
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