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Research in Otolaryngology in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Otolaryngology.

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Otolaryngology Research Areas and Disciplines

Research in otolaryngology falls into either basic research or clinical studies. Diagnosing and treating hearing disorders is a common research field; almost every university with an otolaryngology program has an auditory laboratory where anatomical and clinical studies are performed.

A new field is that of laryngeal transplantations, for those with defective larynxes, or post throat-cancer therapy. This field is a new alternative to those who previous relied on an electrolarynx to enhance their speech abilities after losing their original larynx to cancer.

Another common research field is that of voice and speech pathology, especially in children. Clinical laboratories exist in most universities where children are treated for a variety of voice and speech impediments.

Cancer is a huge research field, and cancers of the head and neck are no exception. Current research includes radiation therapy, surgical excision techniques, effects of tumors on vision, speech, and the nervous system, and prevention.

With the advent of plastic surgery as a viable elective option for many people (eg. rhinoplasty), there is a lot of research into improving techniques for a successful surgery, the psychology behind plastic surgery, and other non-invasive procedures such as Botox injections. Reconstructive surgery of the head and neck is also undergoing extensive research in new methodologies and technologies for performing this type of surgery (eg. robotics).

Study and Work in Otolaryngology in Canada

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