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What Pest Management Students Learn

Research topics, specializations, subject areas and concepts studied in Pest Management programs from universities in Canada..

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Studying Pest Management in Canada

Students begin with the fundamentals of pest biology, including life cycles, ecology, and population distributions. Students learn to identify various common pests at all stage of the life cycle. Students also learn about plant diseases: diseases in cultivated crops, wild plants and horizontal transmission, and the physiological, molecular, and behavioural interactions between parasites and their insect vectors.

Insect physiology is also studied. Students learn about the hormonal and nutritional factors that influence growth and development, as well as energy metabolism in insects. Using this knowledge, insecticide chemistry and toxicity is also studied.

Additional experience includes understanding labels, environmental safety, protective equipment, many practical problems for calibration, and slide pictures for diagnostic of different pest problems. Field courses combine classroom lectures with field demonstrations and problem-based learning. These courses include visits to working farms, commercial forest operations, grain elevators, and research laboratories. When feasible, students get practical experience by participating in pest management activities such as field sampling, diagnosis of pest problems, and calibration and use of equipment.

Study and Work in Pest Management in Canada

Study Pest Management in Canada
What is Pest Management? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Pest Management degrees.

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Pest Management Programs in Canada

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