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Research in Physiotherapy in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Physiotherapy.

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Physiotherapy Research Areas and Disciplines

With an aging population, there is a lot of research into exercise interventions for those with chronic conditions.á This includes analyzing the influence of support communities in education and exercise on physical function, pain, and depression. For example, research has shown that if elderly people exercise in groups, they tend to adhere to the program for longer, vs. those who exercise in isolation.

Another strong area of research is into sports-injuries rehabilitation. This includes leg and knee injuries (eg. skiing), head injuries (eg. football), and tendon injuries (eg. running, rock climbing). New techniques into rehabilitation are being developed, in conjunction with those in sports medicine, to allow athletes to regain their original mobility. See the article on sports studies for more information.

Other research focuses on healthcare policy and education. For example, researchers are working on implementing and testing new models of inter-professional care, improved use ofáhealth professions in the health care system, and reducing orthopedic surgical wait lists (eg. for knee or hip replacement surgery).

There is also much overlap with research in orthopedics such as lower back pain and rehabilitation with prosthetic limbs. See the articles on orthopedics and biomechanics for more information.

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