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Career Opportunities in Toxicology in Canada

Career and employment opportunities for Canadian university students graduating in Toxicology.

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Employment Resources and Professions Available to Toxicology Graduates

Qualified toxicologists may find employment in large hospitals, working in the emergency department with drug overdoses and venom exposure. They can also work in the pharmaceutical industry, working with pharmacologists to develop appropriate drugs and dosages.

Toxicologists work with chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries to test and ensure that their products and workplaces are safe, and to evaluate the implications of new research data.

They also work for local and federal governments to develop and enforce laws to ensure that chemicals are produced, used and disposed of safely, and to communicate to the public of chemical risks. Toxicologists employed by regulatory agencies explain the scientific basis for regulatory actions. Government agencies include Health Canada and Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Toxicologists also work in academic institutions teaching toxicology, chemistry, or biochemistry while at the same time doing research. They can also, with an appropriate teaching degree, teach high school chemistry.

There are many private consulting firms with expertise in toxicology that can now provide toxicology services to local and provincial health departments and public utilities. Employment opportunities are available for toxicologists interested in assisting public agencies and private industries in resolving many important public health and environmental problems. They can work as independent consultants doing environmental assessments, review worksites for chemical safety, and implement new safety guidelines for all industries.

Study and Work in Toxicology in Canada

Study Toxicology in Canada
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Toxicology Admission Requirements
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What Toxicology Students Learn
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Research in Toxicology
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