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Musart Cultural Society

Musart Cultural Society

Musart Cultural Society is a non-profit on the North Shore of Vancouver that carries the dual mandate of providing much needed stages to local artists and musicians, and ensuring that the community is out and supporting these artists.

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Musart Cultural Society
1046 Deep Cove Road, North Vancouver, BC V7G1S3

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Musart Cultural Society Phone Number 604-924-6871

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Volunteer Information for Musart Cultural Society

What services does your organization provide?
We host a series of concerts and festivals throughout the year that give exposure and a stage to local artists.

Do you have any age requirements?
Though we don't have specific requirements, the volunteers should probably be at least 12 or 13 years of age.

Do you require language proficiency other than in English?
Additional languages are always an asset, as we are creating an every for an entire community - which includes all the languages and cultures that live within the community.

What time commitment(s) are you expecting from a volunteer?
We are looking for volunteers throughout the weekend to help us with set-up, take-down, as well as all the different jobs on the day. These are full days that are split up between our many volunteers.

We ask that all volunteers commit at the very least to 4 hours, but 6 or 8 hours is preferred.

Are there any other requirements for being a volunteer?
We would love our volunteers to be passionate about the arts and music, but what's more important than that is a passion for providing a way for communities to grow and prosper. This event is for the community as much as it is for the artists, and we want the community members to enjoy themselves.

Are there any specific skills and experience required?
We have both 'skilled' and 'unskilled' positions, in the sense that we need people to help us set-up, take-down, provide information, take donations, and generally man the festival, but we are also looking for photographers, drivers, coordinators, money handlers, servers, etc.

There are positions for EVERYBODY!

What type of volunteer positions are typically available?
August 23rd/26th

Equipment Facilitators: The Friday and Monday are the days we spend picking-up/dropping-off all of our rented, borrowed, and bought equipment from around the city, and playing Tetris until we can fit it into our U-Haul. This isn't a long day by any means, but needs some able bodied young individuals who are comfortable carrying anything we throw at them; this means heavy lifting, but also lifting things that are delicate and break-able.

Driver: We need someone who is comfortable driving the largest rentable U-Haul, preferably with a Class 4 License and a clean driving record. If they are comfortable with heavy lifting it is also an asset, as it makes the job of the Equipment Facilitators that much quicker and easier.

August 24th:

Set-Up Wizards: These people are in charge of putting the event together from the inside out. This means everything from stage construction, to perimeter fencing, to measuring and marking artisan/vendor plots, and everything in between. This is a long day if only a few are at work, but a short and enjoyable day for many. Though it isn't necessary for all volunteers, it would be great to have a few hands that can work a saw, a drill, and other general handy-man/woman skills.

August 25th - Day of the Festival

Volunteer Coordinator: Our Volunteer Coordinator positions are just as they sound. The Event Coordinators themselves will be busy managing the many other projects of the day, so a huge portion of the volunteers will report to them. This means making sure everyone shows up on time, that breaks are given, that other volunteers get their food and drink, that in-kind food deliveries stay on schedule, that the gaps are closed - but most importantly that our volunteers stay happy, so that those that they serve enjoy themselves.

Traffic Controller: This can be a fun job, but one not meant for those who describe themselves as 'soft-spoken.' The traffic controllers rotate throughout the day between 3 possible positions: The first at a busy intersection - where you will have to manage the constant flow of cars searching for parking spots; the second, directing those within our parking lots and ensuring the safety of both the pedestrians walking about and the vehicles looking to steal the next open spot; and finally the third, looking after the performers and other vehicles that need to enter and traverse the park without disturbing our festival goers, and ensuring that all Artisans and the public have cleared the main parking lot (so that the Midway can be set up).

Gate Hands: The festival itself has 6 possible entrances, each of which requires two hands to manage. These Gate Hands are there to greet and thank the patrons, answer questions, promote the acts, but most importantly asking for donations. Deep Cove Daze is a free event, but we do ask the many attendees to donate to the event to help keep the festival afloat. We offer raffle tickets, t-shirts, balloons, and CD's, all in return for different levels of donation. It is the Gate Hands' job to make sure we are diligent in requesting for donations, as almost anybody in the community is willing to donate, as long as they are properly asked and are given just explanation for why these donations are necessary.

Rangers: Our Rangers are the saving grace for many of the other volunteers. They report to the Volunteer Coordinators, and are basically the coordinators' spare hands. This means that they'll be providing other volunteers with breaks; supporting busy areas; lending a hand if a volunteer is late, sick, or missing; delivering food and water to everybody from Stage Hands and performers to Traffic Controllers; and making sure that every area of the festival is moving forward.

Food Manager: The Food Manager reports to the Volunteer Coordinators, and helps out to ensure that all of the volunteers are happy, healthy, hydrated, and fed throughout the day. Though these are some of the responsibilities of the Volunteer Coordinators, during the busy times of the festival, these extra hands are extremely useful.

Stage Hand/Backstage Attendant: Two volunteers will be in charge of organizing the stage activity. Both of these volunteers will work together to ensure that all the bands are showing up on time (and if they haven't, communicate with the coordinators to ensure the performers are found), that performances are on schedule, that they are maintaining connection with the Traffic Controllers to get cars in and out safely, and that any request of the sound manager is properly facilitated.

In addition to this, one of the two Stage Hands will also act as the MC for the event - promoting our sponsors, announcing acts, and maintaining a positive connection with those attending the event. This stagehand needs to be enthusiastic and exciting, as well as comfortable with a microphone in front of a crowd of people. The other Stage Hand will be in charge of the VIP tent, which means facilitating the needs of the bands and other tent goers.

Balloon Blower: A smaller role, two volunteers normally start their day by helping us decorate the park. Balloons are distributed by donation at the gates and Musart Booths, and these balloons must be filled. Two individuals will spend the early morning using a helium tank to fill these balloons, and then deliver them to their chosen destinations.

Artisan Runner: Deep Cove Daze is a community festival for both music and art. Where we have individuals managing the musicians at the stage, we also have Artisan Runners to coordinate between the many artists that take part, and ensuring their happiness throughout the day. These runners maintain a list of all the arriving artists, and their designated spots. They will start the day off by greeting artisans, leading them to their locations, ensuring they are properly set-up, and then making sure that their vehicles have been moved from the parking lot so that the parking lot is clear for the Midway. Once Artisan Alley has been properly made up, it is then the Artisan Runners' jobs to ensure that it is well greased and maintained; this means checking in with all the artisans, and making sure that their day is as successful as possible.

Food Vendor Runner: The Food Vendor Runner is to our food trucks what the Artisan Runner is to our Artists and Artisans. Though the job is equally important, there are less food vendors, and their trucks don't have to evacuate the parking lot. They do, however, need to be carefully watched and maintained, and the runner needs to make sure they are fully set-up by the time our attendees are set to eat. This Food Runner will also need to make sure that the food vendors are operating safely, and that our space is being shared fairly between each truck.

Beer Driver: In past years, our festival has hosted a reefer truck in the beer garden (reefer trucks are those refrigerated trucks that can handle kegs of beer, for those who are interested). This year, due to changes in the industry and problems with the return on our investment, we're going about the beer garden in a different way - specifically we'll be trying cans. Though this saves us costs and hassle, it does pose the problem of keeping the beer cold, and getting it to the park. What we need is an experienced driver (with a car) that will be able to coordinate with the beer garden and the pub refrigerating our beer, making sure that we are always stocked in the garden. And yes, we will pay for your gas.

Musart Booth Attendant: At this point, hopefully you know that the non-profit Musart Cultural Society organizes and ensures that Deep Cove Daze is a go each year. At the event, every volunteer is representing the non-profit, but a few will be stationed at the Musart Booth - answering questions, collecting donations, distributing t-shirts and raffle tickets. They will also be in charge of volunteer sign-ins and sign-outs, as well as giving out the food and water to the volunteers throughout the day. They will be the host one of the stationary radio sets, and are thus one of the central hubs for communication. Finally, in the event of any type of injury or emergency, we ask if any volunteers are trained in first-aid, and maintain their own first-aid kit, they apply specifically for these positions.

Green Team: These positions are perfect for those that want to be involved in this great event, but prefer not to contribute through a direct connection with the public, or to be continually placed in conversation with our attendees. Even without answering their questions and giving the attendees direction, it is this team of individuals that is directly responsible for the experience of our patrons. These people are in charge of maintaining the park - everything from picking up trash and recycling, to emptying trash cans, to dumpster runs, to the stocking of paper towel and toilet paper, to the care of our rest facilities. They will maintain a circuit around the park to ensure that everything that can be done is being done, to make the experience positive.

Beer Garden Busser: Similar to the Green Team, these individuals are charged with the care of our Beer Garden. As they are within the Beer Garden, it is necessary that these volunteers are 19 or over. They will be cleaning up the garbage and recycling in the area, helping patrons find their way, answering questions, and helping the serving staff with anything that may need doing. It is also their job to watch out for any behavior that seems disorderly, and reporting its existence to ensure the safety of all those within the Beer Garden.

Photographer: There's a lot going on throughout the day, and it's these peoples' jobs to make sure nothing is forgotten. We need a couple talented individuals to volunteer their abilities with a camera to capture every bit of a memory so that we can show everybody how much of a success the festival has been.

Clean-Up Wizards: The District is kind enough to allow us the use of the park, but everything must be out of there by the next morning. What this means is we need a fleet of individuals to do the opposite of what our Set-up Wizards contributed on the Saturday. You are the destruction to their construction - but this is a brand of organized destruction. This can be the job that brings the greatest enjoyment to a volunteer at the event, but is most fun in large numbers. Bring out your friends and together we can get EVERYTHING out of the park, return it to its beautiful and clean state, and ready for Monday's sunshine.

Do you provide training for volunteers?
We like to have every volunteer take part in one orientation. This isn't so much a training session, as a period where we can get to know each other, and where volunteers can get to know the non-profit. We want to make sure everybody is aware of what Musart does, so that they may any questions they receive, and properly serve the community and the artists.

What are the typical volunteer activities occurring at your organization?
Volunteers help pick-up and gather all the necessary equipment. They help drive the equipment where it is needed. They coordinate each others sign-ins, sign-outs, breaks, and food. They help with set-up and take down. They help manage the flow and traffic of the patrons in the park, and of the cars outside. They collect donations. They manage the talent.

Do you accept high school students?
Definitely! We would love to have dedicated

Website, Volunteer, Careers and Donations
Musart Cultural Society Website


Photos, Videos and Social Media Networks
Flickr: Musart Cultural Society





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