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Calgary Flying Club

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The Calgary Flying Club was established in 1927. It is situated in the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. The club is a private vocational school that offers private pilot and commercial pilot diploma programs. Introductory flights are provided at discounted rates to students who are interested in flying. Scholarships are available.

Students need to undergo a medical checkup to determine if they are fit for flying. Training at Calgary Flying Club can be started at any age, however you have to be 14 years and above to fly solo. A Recreational Pilot Permit is available at age 16, a Private Pilot License at 17 and a Commercial Pilot License at the age of 18.

Legally, student pilots require a minimum of 40 hours of ground school and 45 hours of flight training, of which, at least 17 hours must be with an Instructor and at least 12 hours must be solo to graduate. The amount of hours you need depends on your natural ability, your personal study habits and the pace of study. This course can be completed in 3-4 months if classes are taken 4-5 times a week.

Private ground school classes at Calgary Flying Club are held in the evenings from Monday to Thursday for 17 nights. They can be attended repeatedly for a year at no additional cost. After graduation, students have to complete a written examination and flight test held by Transport Canada for their pilot's license.

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