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GRB College of Welding

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GRB College Of Welding And Welding Products was set up in 1983. It is reputed for its excellent courses and other services. It is a private welding college as well as a welder testing facility. The college imparts training in various levels of welding from the Pre-Employment welder to Journeyman to advanced B Pressure techniques. It also provides hands-on training and issue pipe welder certification. It ensures that the trainers update their own high levels of manual welding skills to meet the competitive industrial standard.

Gerald R. Bellehumeur set up GRB College Of Welding And Welding Products with the aim of providing provide self-sufficient welders with a facility where they could coach and advance their skills at their expediency. Conventional welding schools would need students to go through severe training agenda that often inconvenienced them. GRB College Of Welding And Welding Products is popular for the flexibility it offers as well as the variety of programs at disposal for the students to choose from.

GRB College Of Welding And Welding Products is licensed by Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development, Alberta Boilers Safety Association City of Edmonton. It is also accredited by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Canadian Welding Bureau. The college has a completely operational welding booth. There is no need for the students to carry any tools, grinders or other equipments. They just need to wear their own protective gear.

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  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Welder and Welding

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