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Profile of Giselle's School of Aesthetics

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Giselle's School of Aesthetics

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Giselle's School of Esthetics is affiliated with the Giselle's Professional Skin Care and Spas. It offers students a diploma program in esthetics. The students who successful complete their programs have to complete an apprenticeship program. Nail technicians have to complete one year of apprenticeship and the students who take up the esthetics programs have to complete two years of apprenticeship. The students have to take an examination while completing their apprenticeship program. Class sizes are kept small ensuring students get personalized attention.

Giselle's School of Esthetics has made provisions for sixty-two work stations. The institution also has a Vichy training lab as well as separate classrooms for conducting the theory part of the training. Students who wish to take up the programs must be a minimum of 17 years of age and have a high school diploma. The students are required to follow dress code of clean white uniform and black pants.

Giselle's School of Esthetics offers a program in esthetics of 1340 hours duration. The students are trained in various aspects such as spa facials, massage, make up artistry etc. It also offers a Skin Care Technician Course of 1080 hour duration teaching aromatherapy, stone massage, relaxing massages etc. among others. It also offers a 12 week Nail Technician Course and a 14 week Electrolysis Course.

  • Aesthetics (Body) Course
  • Electrolysis Course
  • Nail Technician Course

    Program Keywords:
  • Aesthetics and Esthetics
  • Electrology and Electrolysis
  • Hair Removal
  • Nail Technician

    Campus/School Location(s)
    1. Giselle's School of Aesthetics

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