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McMurray Aviation

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McMurray Aviation is located at the Fort Mcmurray Airport. The institution offers students an opportunity to learn if they have an aptitude for flying by letting them participate in the discovery flight. The school also offers recreational and private pilot training programs, commercial pilot programs and instructor ratings. Students may also take up the night and VFR rating programs to help them gain confidence.

The ground school at McMurray Aviation is operated on a continuous basis ensuring that the students can take up classes, refresh their skills and repeat programs at their convenience. The institution operates 3 Cessna 172 for training purposes. The aircrafts are well maintained and serviced by the institution to ensure safety of students and instructors. The instructors are highly experienced industry professionals who are dedicated and committed. There are full-time instructors available every day to meet the needs of the students. Students may complete the programs at their pace taking classes as per their wish at a slow pace or opt for a fast track pace flying each day.

McMurray Aviation offers discounts in the ground school to couples who wish to take up flying together. Recreational pilot training can be taken up by people as young as 16 and is ideal for students who wish to pursue careers in aviation. The private pilot program is the starting point for many pilots who wish to pursue careers or fly for pleasure. Students have to pass a written examination as well as take up a flight test.

McMurray Aviation helps mould students for rewarding careers in aviation as commercial pilots, as recreational or private pilots and as qualified and trained instructors.

  • Commercial pilots licence
  • Discovery Flight
  • Instructor Rating
  • Private pilot licence
  • Recreational Pilot Permit

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  • Flight Training
  • Instructor and Teacher Training
  • Pilot Training
  • Recreation, Leisure and Sports

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