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Millennia Helicopters

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Millennia Helicopters Ltd. is a Transport Canada accredited flight school that has been registered with the Ministry of Education as a private career college. It is located at the Villeneuve airport and offers commercial helicopter pilot training to the students. The curriculum has been carefully designed and it exceeds the requirements mandated by Transport Canada.

Millennia Helicopters Ltd. has qualified and expert instructors who offer a comprehensive learning experience to the students who desire a career as commercial helicopter pilots. The curriculum is reviewed frequently and updated at regular intervals. The students are exposed to diverse weather conditions helping them gain the experience useful for commercial pilots.

Millennia Helicopters Ltd. emphasizes safety and precautions as well as ensures that the helicopters used for training are well maintained and serviced to ensure safety of those who fly in them. The students are trained in the Schweizer 300CB that is used for training commercial pilots. The students also experience flying over various terrains that helps them gain the necessary experience. The practical experience helps them develop the skills required to become expert pilots.

Successful graduates have exciting careers as the demand for qualified and trained commercial helicopter pilots is growing. Students can work as patrol helicopter pilots, firefighting, newsroom pilots, and in the heli-skiing industry. The successful students have exciting and rewarding careers.

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