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New Media Campus

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New Media Campus (NMC) in Saskatchewan is the first privately owned post secondary school that gives world-class level training in 3D animation, game design, classical animation and multimedia. Its courses are accredited in high schools in the province of Saskatchewan through the CPT resource program.

After successful completion, the graduates can further their careers in films, multimedia, web designing, graphic arts, advertisements and promotions. Many production companies across Canada like Electronic Arts (EA Games) are ready to include them as workforce.

The 3D animation program is a ten-month long one and is helpful for advancement in films, animation, visual effects and the entertainment industry. For those looking for a career in multimedia there is In-Class Multimedia Professional Studies Program that lasts for nine months and teaches the latest in digital technology. This same course is available online too in the form of Online Multimedia Professional Studies Program. Online students have real time access to tech advisors. They can start this course at anytime. While studying at their own pace, they have to complete this course within 52 weeks. The future prospects will be the same as the campus students. Then there is Classical Studies Animation Program that focuses on the basics of animation. This ten month long program provides the foundation for advance studies in 3D animation.

Top industry professionals are appointed as instructors. Scholarships and grants are provided to deserving students. Through online courses, international students can get education too. Facilities like student loans are available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Maritimes. To reach out to more students New Media Campus is soon opening in Calgary.

For those students who are unable to make up their mind, there is Student-for-a-day option. Herein they are encouraged to spend a day at New Media Campus and are informed about the programs and future opportunities in detail. This helps them invest their money and time where their heart lies.

  • 3D Animation & Game Design Studies Program
  • Classical Animation Studies Program
  • In-Class Multimedia Professional Studies Program
  • On-Line Multimedia Professional Studies Program

    Program Keywords:
  • Animation and Game Design
  • Graphic and Multimedia Design
  • Visual Art and Design

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    1. New Media Campus

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