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Profile of On Edge Academy of Hair and Cosmetology

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On Edge Academy of Hair and Cosmetology

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The most frequently asked question when it comes to the courses offered in this school is Ė what is the meaning of cosmetology? Cosmetology offers a wide variety of career options and includes various principles like Hair coloring, nail technology, Skin care, Make up Artist and Product Demonstration. These are among the few areas that you can consider.

In order to succeed at any of these specialized areas, you will need to develop a wide array of knowledge skills and competency ranging from a strong understanding of beauty concepts to cutting edge in technology. On Edge Academy of Hair and Cosmetology aims to combine the studentís unique talent and abilities with the skills and knowledge specific to career in cosmetology.

They maintain high standards of teaching effectiveness and focus attention to each studentís individual learning and motivational needs. The salon industry continues to grow and continues to employ large numbers of professionals. Cosmetologists, barbers and other personal appearance workers held about 754,000 jobs in 2002. Approximately half of them are self-employed.

On Edge Academy of Hair and Cosmetology offers both day and evening classes. These classes are set up consisting of an average of 25 hours per week. In this day and age most students have to rely on some type of work to help support them, while they are receiving their education. The admission requirements are that each student should be a high school graduate with a GED.

  • Hair Design Program

    Program Keywords:
  • Hairstylist and Barber
  • Visual Art and Design

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    1. On Edge Academy of Hair and Cosmetology

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