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Parallel Seaplanes

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Parallel Seaplanes, Inc. provides excellent training experience to professional pilots who want to fly floatplanes. The seaplane base is located on Shawnigan Lake, near the city of Victoria, British Columbia. The school is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of British Columbia.

Students can choose to take the 7-hour Basic Course, the 15-hour Proficiency Course, or a 50-hour Professional Seaplane Course. The 50-hour program is designed to provide the experience needed to become a professional seaplane pilot in Canada and abroad. The 50-hour program consists of (a) 25 Hours Dual, (b) 25 Hours Solo, (c) Advanced Seaplane Technique, (d) Cross Country Flight, and (e) Mountain and Bush Training. The average time it takes to complete the 50-hour program is 2-4 weeks.

The 7-hour program provides skills in the following areas: taxiing, sailing, docking, beaching, ramping, takeoffs, landings, and low level navigation. The 15-hour program builds upon the above skills. The school trains students to fly seaplanes in the West Coast of British Columbia. Students get to learn how to navigate and negotiate their way through narrow valleys and rugged mountains.

Parallel Seaplanes, Inc. provides an excellent training environment that is available nowhere else. The aircraft are well maintained. The school also provides accommodations at affordable rates. Instructions are given by Tom Drybrough. On the successful completion of the program, pilots can look forward to a career in flying floatplanes. It can also be taken up as an adventurous hobby. Graduates can also teach how to fly floatplanes.

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