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Canada Aboriginal and First Nation Studies Career College Programs

Aboriginal and First Nation Studies trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Aboriginal and First Nation Studies

Aboriginal and First Nation studies is a vibrant program that offers a wide range of employment opportunities and scope for higher education. Today, many courses ranging from mass media to child education are available which imbibe the culture of Aboriginal and First Nation people. As we enter the computer age of new science and technology, Aboriginal and First Nation Studies helps to put modern science and technology into an aboriginal perspective.

The culture of Aboriginal and First Nation people is unique and there is a great need today to educate the younger generation without sacrificing their traditions and values. Courses like First Nations Literature, while taught in English, explore traditional storytelling techniques and literary forms. These include stories, poems, drama and songs. Other programs like Aboriginal Digital Filmmaking not only teach the cutting edge skills required in the filmmaking industry, traditional and contemporary Aboriginal storytelling techniques are also taught and explored.

Aboriginal and First Nation studies can also be studied in association with the criminal justice system. Emphasis is placed on policing, court policy and laws and legislation as they relate to aboriginal people. This course also seeks to reexamine the social and political realities of First Nation people today. In this context, issues like land claims, racism, legal studies, sociology and social policy are studied in detail. In this way, students can engage in employment geared towards social change and reorganization in the Aboriginal and First Nation communities.

Many other fields incorporate Aboriginal and First Nation studies, be it fashion design, childhood development or caring for the elderly. As more and more people become interested in the traditions of Aboriginal and First Nation people, programs like Aboriginal Community Tourism and Aboriginal Ecotourism help to increase awareness about aboriginal ways of life.

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