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Canada Acupuncture Career College Programs

Acupuncture trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.


In today's medical field, one of the most popular and efficient forms of treatment is acupuncture. This medical practice was developed in China centuries ago and it is still being used today, with many fields from Cosmetology to Sports and Physical trauma turning to acupuncture to provide added or alternative ways of healing.

Acupuncture courses today are often taught in conjunction with North American medical practices. In this way, Eastern and Western medicine work together to provide the best medical treatment for the patient. Since a career in acupuncture is a lucrative one, many courses will also offer programs on business ethics, management and professional skills to help students when they move on to independent practice.

There are a wide number of aspects that are covered in acupuncture courses. These include areas like Five Elements Acupuncture, Microwave and Multiple Acupuncture, complications of acupuncture and common acupuncture points. Students will also become familiar with the dangerous points which are located throughout the body as well as basic anatomy. While studying acupuncture in conjunction with North American medicine, courses offer insight into the eight principles of differentiation and other forms of differentiation relating to other parts of the body, such as the organs.

Acupuncture is currently used in the treatment of a variety of disorders including musculoskeletal, endocrine, cardiovascular, stress, psychological and sleep disorders. It is also employed to treat diseases specific to both men and women. Acupuncture is employed in the field of Cosmetology in facial rejuvenation. It is also used to identify and treat sports-related injuries or trauma with emphasis on the practical application of acupuncture. At present, the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Association of Physiotherapists require that a physician can only practice acupuncture after doing 200 hours of training.

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