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Administrative Assistant

In today's fast-paced world, businesses and companies are growing and diversifying faster than ever. These corporations are constantly on the lookout for fast and efficient employees who are on the cutting edge of their field with a desire to move forward in their career of choice. Being an administrative assistant can be a challenging field in which you can diversify and grow depending on your own potential.

The duties of an administrative assistant are varied and can differ slightly in areas of specialization, such as medical or legal administrative assistant. However the basic skills and requirements remain the same. An administrative assistant is an important requirement for any company that is on the move- the more efficient the administrative assistant, the easier it is for the business or company to function at optimum level.

One of the main requirements that an administrative assistant needs is a thorough working knowledge of all aspects of Microsoft 2000 Office Software and MOS certified testing. Knowledge of keyboarding and various levels of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook are a must for any administrative assistant. Working knowledge of software like Simply Accounting and AACAP is also required as well as a reasonable efficiency in exploring the internet. Knowledge of bookkeeping and business communication are also necessary.

The duties of an administrative assistant often include organizing and scheduling meetings, maintaining files, managing projects and conducting forms of research. They are also involved in preparing presentations and managing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable entries. An administrative assistant must also be skilled in creating and managing databases and spreadsheets. Advanced requirements may include training and supervising clerical staff, preparing statistical reports and hiring other clerical employees. Administrative assistant jobs are usually available in places like call centers, offices and public and private sector firms.

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