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Chinese Medicine trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Chinese Medicine

Today's medical field no longer consists of just western medicine. Medical treatments from all over the world are gaining popularity and a number of practitioners have managed to establish a delicate but important balance between eastern and western forms of medicine. Chinese medicine in particular has gained immense popularity, mainly due to the success and popularity of acupuncture. However, Chinese medicine consists of much more than just acupuncture and is a complete science in itself.

Learning to become a practitioner of Chinese medicine can be a rigorous but extremely rewarding career with immense possibilities for growth and diversification. The province of British Columbia recently legalized the practice of Chinese medicine in 2000. A number of extended medical agencies have also assimilated Chinese medical practices, like acupuncture.

Most programs geared towards teaching Chinese medicine teach aspects of both eastern and western medicine. These programs may run into 3-5 year courses as the material that needs to be covered is extensive. Students will learn medical and legal issues, biochemistry, acupuncture and Tui-Na. Anatomy, physiology, pathology and basic western methods of diagnosis are taught. Chinese medicine herbology, diagnosis and formulae are also covered as well Chinese medicine pediatrics and internal medicine. Nei Jing Digest, Shang Han, Jin Gui Digest and Wen Bing Digest are taught apart from Chinese medicine dermatology and traumatology. Students are also taught aspects of western pharmacology and internal medicine.

By learning both Chinese and western methods of diagnosis and treatment, practitioners of Chinese medicine are able to offer treatment that is uniquely North American and also has the wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine. In this way, patients are better able to relate, understand and accept alternative forms of treatment. A career in Chinese medicine is certainly one with the potential to grow into something richly rewarding.

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