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Saskatchewan Construction, Surveying and Building Programs

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Construction, Surveying and Building diplomas, programs, courses offered in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Construction, Surveying and Building

Detailed description and/or location of Construction, Surveying and Building Programs.

Career Colleges with Construction, Surveying and Building Programs, Courses and Degrees in Saskatchewan

Academy of Learning - Estevan, Estevan
The Academy of Learning Estevan has been in the Estevan business community for over a decade now. It is licensed by the province of Saskatchewan as a registered Private Vocational School. It offers remarkable flexibility to its students, who can learn at their own speed, plan their own schedule, and learn without having to lose sleep about missing certain classes.
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Practicum Training Institute, Saskatoon
The Practicum Training Institute which is situated in Saskatoon, Canada offers its students a hands-on approach to operating heavy equipments and machinery. A thorough course teaches its students how to handle and operate equipment, assesses the environmental factors and inspect their equipment daily. In a safe and controlled environment, students without any experience are given practical training in heavy equipment.
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Superior Safety Services, Saskatoon
Superior Safety Services is a registered Private Vocational School and is also a division of Global Management Resources Inc. The institute is located in the province of Saskatchewan and provides its clients with a number of safety related training courses. There are also a number of trainer programs as well as operator assessments and safety manuals.
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Academy of Fashion Design, Saskatoon
The Academy of Fashion Design is a government approved fashion design school located in the province of Saskatchewan. The academy offers a range of diploma and certificate courses covering various aspects of the fashion industry. A distance education program is also available which offers an independent study course.
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