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Counselling trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.


As society and technology move forward at breakneck speed, the need for emotional support and stability has never been felt more. As family set ups change along with community interactions, it becomes imperative that people have someone they can talk to, for guidance, reassurance or just to help sort things out. The need for counselors has become necessary, with multinational corporations, hospitals, government institutions and educational establishments all having counselors at hand.

A career in counseling can be an extremely rewarding one that extends to people from all walks of life, at every level of society. While it can be a challenging and grueling profession at times, it is also a very satisfying career with a high demand for trained professionals.

Courses geared towards training in counseling also offer the option of diversifying into specialized fields, such as spiritual counseling or life skills counseling. All programs will cover depression and disorders related to anxiety, suicides, addictions, emergency interventions, counseling for youth, families and couples, grief counseling, career planning and group development. Students will also learn about how to handle abuse and domestic violence, psychological disorders, developing milestones in a psycho-social set up, application of personality theories and understanding group dynamics and workshop design.

Counseling can diversify into a number of specialized fields, including multicultural counseling, life skills coaching, solution-based counseling, spiritual counseling, career planning and guidance, rehabilitation and parole counseling.

While counseling is a demanding field, it is one, which needs dedicated and hard-working professionals to tackle the many issues that ordinary people have problems dealing with. Effective counseling can often give people a second chance at life and put them back on track. A career in counseling is a career in working with people and helping them to deal with the crisis of life and move forward.

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