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Diver and Diving trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Diver and Diving

A career in diving is probably something, which may not have been taken too seriously a few years ago. However, with the opening up of deep sea exploration, marine construction, underwater tourism and police work, the need for qualified divers has been on the rise. Whether it's a job as a scuba instructor or as a diver for search and rescue operations, there is a steady demand for divers in a variety of fields.

As a rule, divers must be physically fit before even embarking on a diving program. Some diving programs are relatively short while others are in-depth courses involving rigorous training. The more skills acquired in diving, the more qualified you will be to take on challenging tasks. Diving programs will start by introducing students to snorkeling physiology, scuba equipments and habits, diving oceanography, open water planning and procedures, decompression theories, marine life and testing. Safety is of paramount importance to all divers and students are taught the importance of testing all equipment and strictly following emergency procedures in case of a mishap.

More advanced diving classes will cover aspects like diving from boats, night diving and deep sea diving. Students will also learn about environmental considerations, safety procedures and precautions, evaluating dive conditions and inspecting equipment. Students will also be taught how to prepare rosters, brief and debrief other divers as well as importance of the 'no dive' decision. Rescue situations and procedures, self preservation, resuscitation techniques, accident management, first aid, CPR, communications and transportation are also covered in dive programs. Professional divers can find employment in archaeological dives, seafood harvesting, underwater engineering inspections, aquaculture, underwater filming, police operations and search and rescue. Advanced divers may find jobs in marine construction and offshore hydrocarbon production.

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