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Canada Fashion Design and Merchandising Career College Programs

Fashion Design and Merchandising trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Fashion Design and Merchandising

The world of fashion design and merchandising is an extremely lucrative and challenging one, as it combines the creativity of fashion with the business acumen of retail and merchandising. Fashion design and merchandising gives designers more control over their work and allows them to use their creativity freely. They are also in charge of their own finances, marketing and business.

A career in fashion design and merchandising requires knowledge of both fields. In order to succeed, students must be up to date on trends in business and fashion and need to be aggressive in their creativity as well as their marketing skills. While it is a challenging field, there are a great number of benefits in pursuing a career in fashion design and merchandising. Not only is it a lucrative career option, it offers a great deal of job satisfaction as well.

Programs that teach fashion design and merchandising cover a wide variety of subjects. Students will first learn about the basics of fashion including sketching and illustration. They will then learn the rudiments of fashion marketing along with the history of fashion and fashion surveys. Students will later learn about concept and line development as well as product development. They will also learn about textiles and fabrics, how to choose the right type and the ways in which to purchase. Students will later learn about trends and design as well as how to make patterns. They will learn about using computers for making patterns, draping and fashion advertising. Students will also develop entrepreneurial skills and learn about evaluating and producing apparel. They will also learn how to develop a portfolio and build their skills in public relations. Issues like copyright, buying and selling and fashion industry regulations are covered.

Canadian Provinces with Career Colleges offering diplomas, programs or courses in Fashion Design and Merchandising

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