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Canada Food, Beverage and Bartending Career College Programs

Food, Beverage and Bartending trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Food, Beverage and Bartending

A career in the food and beverage industry is one of the most lucrative and exciting career options available today. Restaurants, cafes, night clubs and catering services are constantly opening up every day in order to meet the rising demand for new and exciting eateries and menus. A job in the food and beverage industry offers you the chance to combine the creativity of culinary skills with the savvy of smart business sense.

A career in the food and beverage industry can be a challenging one as there are a vast number of eateries and clubs competing with each other on a daily basis. A food and beverage professional should be adept in not only serving up quality food, they should also be able to think of creative ways in which to attract new customers, be it experimenting with new dishes, organizing special offers or themed events.

A course designed to train professionals for the food and beverage industry will cover aspects that range from hygiene, to culinary skills to marketing. Students will learn about how to have a steady, guest-driven service. They will also learn ways in which to nurture customer loyalty and repeat business. Student will also learn the importance of constant improvement in order to keep the customer base satisfied. Business communication and management, with special emphasis on meeting and exceeding customer expectations, is emphasized.

Students will also learn about how to procure materials and proper sanitation and hygiene procedures. They will learn in detail about setting up a restaurant, right from the concept to its operation. Restaurant marketing, aspects of hospitality laws and regulations, accounting procedures and catering management are also taught. Graduates can apply for a number of jobs, including night club manager, catering manager or food and beverage manager in a hotel.

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