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Canada Herbology and Herbal Therapy Career College Programs

Herbology and Herbal Therapy trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Herbology and Herbal Therapy

An interesting trend in today's world of medicine is the increased use of natural and alternative forms of medicine, most of which are centuries old. These forms of treatment have withstood the test of time and still fill a need in the new century. Herbology and herbal therapy in particular have found an increased user base as more and more people opt for natural forms of treatment using natural ingredients, rather than man-made chemicals.

Herbal therapy and Herbology is an active branch of oriental medicine, which is a popular form of treatment today. Along with therapies like acupuncture, herbal therapies are also becoming increasingly popular. Those looking to make herbal therapy a profession must understand that the field involves much more than knowledge of diseases and their herbal remedies. Herbal therapists must also learn to prepare these remedies, often by hand, choose the right herbs and in some cases, grow these herbs themselves. A thorough understanding of both Western and Oriental forms of medicine and treatment is also essential.

Students in Herbology and herbal therapy program will learn about medical terminology, the human anatomy, the fundamentals of oriental medicine and Herbology. They will also learn about pathology, physiology and the laws governing the ethics and practice of herbal medicine. They will also learn how to set up a herbal therapy practice. Students will also cover the histories of herbal therapy and medicine as well as breathing exercises and specific oriental techniques and exercises. Students will also learn about communication skills, diagnosis, herbal prescriptions, western pharmacology, oriental nutrition, oriental herbal pharmacology, oriental gynecology, clinical sciences and basic traditional Chinese medicine. There are a number of career options for herbal therapists, who can open their own business or specialize in a number of fields.

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